Friday, March 4, 2011

Go Sewin'

Hey Gals, Hope you are well and happy as the Spring starts to melt the snow and the trees begin their wonderful blossoms. I am such a California gal. Even February is a good month on the coast here and only a few hours from Chico is the beautiful Bodega Bay where I was lucky enough to get to spend 5 days (count 'em f i v e ) sewing with dear friends. What could be better than that! On the way over we took our time and went through the Sonoma Valley and visited a few wineries and enjoyed the iconic scenery of the California's coast. Look at those happy cows!

"Ask about our Library Wine" indeed! Perfect for a "Librarygal"

It was a lovely day and we even found a quilt shop in Sonoma called Broadway Quilts. Nice shop and a good omen for sewing to come!

We made it to the ocean by the late afternoon to the beautiful bay

and soon had the dining room turned into the sewing mecca we so eagerly anticipated.

I tell you, there is nothing in the world 6 quilters can't do.

The food was fabulous!

The sewing was spectacular!

And the view from the hot tub? Well, see for yourself below and I'm gettin' misty eyed just remembering it!On the way home we stopped at the Quilted Angel in Petaluma and enjoyed the great staff and darling quilts and displays.
Lots of love to our families and co workers for allowing such luxury of time and creativity!

Bye for now Bodega Bay--we heart you!


  1. Looks like it was a great week. you lucky library gal!

  2. Oh my gosh! That looks like too much fun and that green grass?! I haven't seen that in months!!
    Terrific quilting projects too!

  3. You DO have a way of making one jealous!

    I could really USE that sunshine! And that wine! And all that quilting fellowship...

    Looks fantastic, glad you enjoyed!

  4. Good grief, Pam, it sounds like our paths almost crossed. We were in Bodega Bay for lunch last Monday, the 28th!! Had I only known...... The road from Pt. Arena to BB is pretty interesting. You must have had a great week.

  5. What a great time! I am ready to go again. Love ya and have a great weekend.