Thursday, April 21, 2011

Backyard Friends

Hey Gals, It's almost Easter! I love this time of year! It's Pink, White, Red, Purple, Yellow...and the beautiful sky and clouds. Even with the rain we have been having almost daily, the colors continue to lift my spirits.

The chocolate bunnies have been purchased at our darling little Chico store Schuberts, the jelly beans have been eaten (hee hee) but will be replaced by Sunday! We still hide those plastic eggs for our daughter. She is 21. We now fill them with quarters for her car so she has meter money when she parks downtown! ( Forever the parking ticket in Chico was $5.00 then in inched up to $7.00 and is now $28.00 ouch!)

My Bunny table topper thingy is almost done

...some free motion swirls tonight and a binding tomorrow and I'll make it in time!

Our backyard is beginning to bloom out

and the crazy petunias from last year are reblooming in the front window boxes.

They are thick and healthy! Never in my life have I seen them rebloom. Fabulous I'd say! Here's a look at our bamboo grove that has a little meditation seat inside.And of course the three amigos are enjoying the nice weather in their backyard. They play and chase and hide and seek. It's so fun to watch.

Miso Pretty


and "Old" Livia

Hope we are able to get out and enjoy the backyard this weekend. Rain is predicted but you never can tell! Have a wonderful Easter!


  1. It sure looks like spring has arrived at your house! So pretty already!

  2. Happy Easter, Pam! Love that Livia...

  3. Pammy, It all looks so nice! Lizzie