Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do the Lil Twister

No, not more dancing! But have you seen the "Lil' Twister" ruler by Country Schoolhouse?

Wow. It is sure alot of fun. Yes, I am a rather easy sell on rulers that is true, but this one makes you look so clever! Here is the way it works. Sew 5 inch charms together. Add a 3 inch border. Lay the fabrics out so that you have some contrast between them. It doesn't have to be alot to be effective. Just wait and see! So you now have a nice little plain doll quilt.

Line up the marks on the Lil Twister on seams where the fabrics meet. Cut all the way around the ruler. I found that you can do three sides and then pull the whole thing away from the "quilt" and finish the last cut. Because of the little peg feet on the ruler, everything stays put!

You will end up with some interesting quilt squares that when put back together form a darling little pinwheel. Just keep cutting across your "quilt" and put them back exactly in order across your design board. Move on down to the next set of intersections and do the same. Cat not included. Cat hair, maybe! Continue until you have all the pieces back together and you'll see the magic of lil' twister!

You can certainly adapt the number of squares to make a larger quilt. Additional borders can be added for a bigger quilt top, too. I bought my ruler at Morning Star Quilts. They have them in both the small size for 5 inch and the larger size for 10 inch or layer cake sized pieces.

There is a companion book as well that shows layout options and ways to use the bits left over from cutting. I wondered before cutting if there would be a ton of wasted fabric. Not really. It is clever and you'll be too if you grab one up and go to town!


  1. What's the difference Twist or Dance?

  2. looks great Pam! I have this ruler, just haven't managed to get to it! :)

  3. So clever! I would have never thought!
    This would be a great quilt for a tornado fundraiser! Darn twisters!
    Have a happy weekend, Cat

  4. I love this!!!!! I have to go look for the ruler now. I think I even might have a small quilt top made out of charm squares that I can do this to and jazz up!!!

  5. Hi! I am a middle school teacher is So Cal w/ 3 little ones of my own. I just bought both twister tools and the book w/ some birthday money-- I CAN'T WAIT to try them. Some of the little details you shared will help make it easier for me as their were some questions I had after reading through the instructions. I read your little "about me" section and I'm fascinated by your job-- wow-- that sounds wonderful! Every old photograph holds such mystery and intrigue... I would find that so interesting! Add the fact that I'm in love w/ all things No Cal and I knew I just had to thank you for your post and say "hello". Take care, Robin