Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Girl, Honor Dad, Sisters Scraps

Gals, it has been busy. I am going to do the Farmer's Wife Quilt A long but I am so far behind I may have to go stay on a farm for a month just to catch up. Here is my stash for that lovely project. Either make 111 blocks or cover a small city with this pile. Geez.

I swear I just don't know how a month has almost gone by. Crazeeeee! Anyway, Carmen had her birthday on Friday Night and a darn cute bunch of friends came to the dress up party.

You can see The Black Swan, Barbie, Twiggy, and my own Katy Perry. Mad Max, and various other creatures were lurking in the backyard.

Around 11 pm they all got on their bikes and rode downtown to Duffy's the local tavern. It must have been quite a site to see from the street level!

In Dad news, my own got to take his Honor Flight to Washington D.C. from Chico to San Francisco to Washington and back in 3 short days. I would have been extremely exhausted if I had to do a trip like that but at the age of 85 he did great and was up the next morning walking the dogs around the lake. We celebrated Father's Day a little calmly with shortcake and whipped cream and a few presents.

Then I began my next venture, Scrap management strips for my class with Kathy Doughty at Sisters in 12 short days from now! It was a mine field in my sewing closet.

I was somewhat overwhelmed but began by dumping all my strip scraps on the floor last night, sorting and then adding more from collections and stash. Good lord, it didn't make the slightest dent. But I did figure out my 9 color groups and I am loving the pre process of getting ready to go sew. Yay! It's summer!! And this is our Chico downtown center park with park sprites!!


  1. The party looks like a load of fun!!
    You will be in Sisters? Where are you staying?
    How exciting to be taking a class from Kathy!!

  2. Have fun in Sisters, I can't believe it's that soon. We are still waiting for spring up in the NW. Maybe we will just go directly into summer? Are you hand piecing your Farmers Wife? I printed all the templates and that's as far as I've gotten