Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Modern Surprise! Happy Zombie Sighting!

I was standing in front of Monica's lantern quilt listening to 3 ladies talk about it. Oh, how they loved it. It looked slightly familiar to me although I hadn't read the tag yet. I also hadn't had any coffee yet as the line across the street at Sisters Coffee Company was way out the door. So I stood and admired with them. I began to recognize the fabric. (seriously not your sharpest cookie without that morning caffeine) when I said to them, "oh that is a fabric designed by The Happy Zombie!!" "Oh, that is a quilt she made!!" "Oh, here let me write down her blog address for you!!!" "She is so fun and'll love it!" And we all cackled away and talked for a couple minutes. Then I head left and boom. There was Monica. My happy zombie. My tell it like it is zombie. Talent galore zombie. And I said Monica!! WOW!! and when we figured it out, we had a big ol' bear hug...and THEN there was Bari Ackerman!! And Violet Craft. And Elizabeth Hartman.

Well by gosh the brain trust of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild right in my sights. I was embarrassingly uncool. You might have seen me like this as a teenager when I had a Monkee sighting in Hollywood. Or went to see David McCallum (my teen crush to the max) But now that I am older and more mature....I went a little goofy on my quilty crushes. If PamKittyMorning had been there I might have had to have medical attention. Y'all make the world so fun, accepting, and fresh. Love you all. I forgot to get autographs. Next time.

p.s. My super score was that I was the top bid for Bari's Wendy's Wish postcard beautiful little stitchery of a make believe moment. With tiny shoes. and a chandelier!! As this day proves, dreams do come true.


  1. More fun and great memories!!

  2. Great photos, very interesting quilts you showed. I wish I'd made the trek, maybe next year?

  3. Sounds like a perfectly fabulous visit! Did you come home with much fabric?

  4. Look at your quilting with the stars!

  5. OMG, you make me pee and blush at the same time! And OMG, meeting you IN REAL LIFE was such a thill for me! After all these years of being online pals, we are now officially IRL pals!!! I loved meeting your hubs too, what a great guy. I'm sure he's questioning why you're friends with such a nut ball.

    I'm with you on needing medical attention if PamKittyMorning was there too. I kept wishing she was there, but she never came. We have to work on her for next year!

  6. Jealous here too!!!! Love Monica.

    Hey I'm sorry to post this here but didn't see your email address on my blog where you commented.
    Just click on that first line in the paragraph and it will take you to my link for the donation.
    Thank you so much. Let me know if it doesn't work still.

  7. I loved your story! I actually was over here yesterday to read it... but it occured to me that you know Peggy Cochran's mom and I wanted to share something with you!

  8. I'm just like you when I meet the quilt "godesses". "Be cool, Jean, be cool!" Doesn't work, though. I have to make it up there one year. We've been there but it was after the show.

  9. you totally crack me up!!!! I also LOVE Monica like, an absurd amount!
    ps: missing your face! We need a sewing date!!!!