Friday, July 29, 2011

Red Centre Hot

It is heating way up. 100 plus today in Chico. In other heat related news, I had two friends over to fuse some fabrics and make little pillows and coasters the other day.

Teddy supervised

while Miso cat napped.

Didn't get photos of the finished projects yet. But look what Joan makes with her target bags.

Cool Huh? They are super strong and don't off gas when you make them which is awesome.

In sewing news, I am working on my reds. all 90 of them. Don't judge. It's a collection. Yes, one of many! Red Centre is the class I took with Kathy Doughty at Sisters this year. The background is a very pale gray from Moda solids. Super pretty. Can't wait to sew this together and see how it looks.

If you are out and about in Southern California at the Long Beach International Quilt Show, go see my friends at Morning Star Quilts Booth #1622. They will have amazing wool and batiks and some necklaces you may have heard of her before!

Yes, One Stitch Off has 40 new necklaces for sale and you could see them in person!

Stay tuned for our will be for both of our birthdays in September. You just knew we were Virgos didn't you?

Bye for now and stay cool!


  1. Love the reds quilt and the new dangly charm for the necklaces~sweet!

  2. It looks like a fun day! I love the stacks of fabric on the table..

  3. I love all your reds, They look great! That is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

  4. I saw that quilt as I was walking to my class room. It was my favorite. Your colors since it wonderful. love it!!!! so glad it was yours.

  5. Hi, I am new to your blog Library caught my eye I love going to the Library. It is hot here in Omaha. Love the reds. Beginner quilter.