Friday, July 1, 2011

Stitching Joy in Paradise

Well gals, just as I was all packed and ready to head out for "mecca" aka Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show...I dropped in on my friends at Morning Star Quilts and found a treasure in "Paradise" of wonderful things to show you! The newest Lecien fabrics ready to become treasured heirlooms...

known as "whitewash" by Meg Hawkley of Crabapple Hill is just so beautiful I had to have it. 12 fabrics to ponder and love!

Oh, and tea towels. Don't you love tea towels? Especially hand stitched ones. They are the things that make our life so sweet during those tedious days in the kitchen, with endless cooking, washing, and doing it all over again. What did I see on a little sign once? Housework is like stringing beads on a thread with no knot. So, happy little stitched tea towels for Christmas is definitely worth a summer afternoon of stitching. Probably with a glass of pinot grigio. Ah. Bliss.

Plus all the new wool wall of hand dyed wools, threads, and patterns to go with it all.

The projects full of wool and thread being created by those Sew Sisters up there is just fabulous.

Oh, and new stitchery books to drool over too.

So if you can't get to Sisters, and even if you do, you will love the new things do at our Happy Place!


  1. Love that dresden flower! I'm going to have to look this up at the store. It may need to come home with me.
    Have fun in Sisters

  2. Sisters, I love that place. You lucky duck! Hope you had a fabulous time. Happy Foueth of July!

  3. Hi! Sisters again! That's fantastic! I hope you have a wonderful creative inspiring time!
    Love your pictures of fabrics in this post... I'm drawn to those neutrals.
    Looking forward to seeing pics of your trip.