Thursday, August 18, 2011

Party Hats On!

I am back to work this week gals and it has been a bit of an adjustment. Honestly, I do have a very interesting job, and I shouldn't complain. It's just the dressing up and driving there every day. People telling you what to do, and then doing it. Oh. That's work! Well, I had better get in the swing of things. Maybe tomorrow 'cause it's Friday!

Today I went up the hill after work to help celebrate Morning Star's 5 years of business birthday party, and to see some of my Sew Sisters.

There was even a Sew Mister there.

Marsha's husband Mark, is recently retired as the Paradise Fire Chief, and now that he has more time, he stops by the shop and helps out. He's just the best guy. Hauls in a zillion sewing machines and sewing stuff for us when we arrive and leave on sew days, puts up with our goofy talk and has been known to bbq for us on sew weekends. Pretty special? I would say so!

Thanks for a great five years! Through thick and thin. From fabric to fabric and quilt to quilt you have made us a sisterhood!

Big Smooch to all!


  1. Happy Birthday, what great group of peopele.

  2. That looks like a good way to end a work day!! Party on!

  3. It was a great party! Sorry I missed you.
    I couldn't leave without spending a bundle, but I came home with about 4 projects!