Monday, August 22, 2011

Sewing with a Side of Pie!

It was a fun weekend! I was invited to sew with the Material Girls and we had a great time talking and eating. And sewing. I finished up my Red Centre. Thank goodness. That quilt has given me quite a lot to it, rip it, rip the saying goes. I just had the devil of a time getting those turns to turn. But now it does and Carol found the last "oops" after I got the whole thing done. Better then than after quilting!

And here are some of the wonderful things the gals were working on Saturday.
Aren't they a talented group? I love the hand applique they are so adept at. Look at that Bunny Hill Tisket a Tasket Carol did. Older Robin Pandolph and lots of other sweet fabrics. Just darling! And Debbie's Crop Circles from our class at PIQF with Sharon Pederson. Mine is somewhere. But not finished. And Judy and Bev and their Kim McLean appliques...oolala. I love them.

Sunday my Dad and Mike picked about 150 peaches off our tree. Best year ever. And I made three pies. Now don't get the wrong idea. I am not a cook. I really don't even like cooking that much. But I had to give these peaches their due. They were delicious. And now, all three g.o.n.e.
Gotta love that!


  1. Sounds like fun Pammy. Lizzie

  2. Love your red quilt! It turned out so well!
    So you're part of that elite group. All you ladies are talented!

  3. Love your red and white! And all of the other pics too. :)

  4. Yay Nice work on the red and white!! How fun to sew with others as talented as you!!

  5. Love that red quilt, Pam. It's good to catch up with you as the GK have been here until recently. Don't you just love peach season? Your pies look very yummy.