Friday, January 20, 2012

Say Thanks with a Pillow

I've been back at work and the new semester starts Monday.I have been keeping up with my Humble Quilts Lemonade Quilt blocks and plan to sew it all together this weekend! I also whipped up a birthday quilt for my daughter that was sent off to the quilter's yesterday. So, I have been productive and it feels great!

16,000 students will descend on our little town this weekend and make their way to the library for help and study so, to keep ourselves up to the challenge at work, we decided we needed a new coffee maker. The new fangled kind with the pods. We googled, we asked, we read reviews. And then someone upstairs said, "I don't use mine, take it!" Wow. Free. And with lots of little pods to go with. So to thank her, I whipped up a coffee / library book themed pillow last night. However, the Rare Books behind my modest pillow are not included with the thank you!

Sometimes the spontaneous project is the most fun. Done in a little over an hour, and delivered this morning! Have a good weekend friends, and stay warm!


  1. Very nice. I like quick projects. There is more chance of actually finishing that type of project!!

  2. Cute! I made my daughter a coffee quilt once. Fun fabric!

  3. You're so sweet. What a great gift idea. I agree with Debbie, it's nice to make a quick project. They do seem to get done.

  4. I love the pillow! Neatly staged in front of the rare books too!