Sunday, April 22, 2012

Big Quilting Book Sale Wow!

Hey Gals, I just wanted to pass along this great sale at CT Publishing that ends today. Even the Gentle Art of Quiltmaking is on sale for $5.00. And I can tell you, I paid $$$ for the one I just gave away! So hurry over there and get a copy. It's going to be over 90 in Chico today so I am back inside and thinking about doing a little reading! xo Pam


  1. You should receive a commission! I innocently clicked over there to see if there might be a book I'd be interested in. And found a dozen of them! Wow. Can't argue with those sale prices!

    Thanks for passing on the news of the sale. :)
    Kim / SeeingStars

  2. So, did it really get up to 90? We had nice weather over the weekend and yesterday, but it's gone today, back to cloudy and chilly. Congrats on 250 posts; I've been out of!