Thursday, April 26, 2012

Virgo Do Over

Morning gals! I have been working on a quilt redo. Have you ever had to do that? Well I think I would have preferred to do it right the first time, but oh well. In 2010 I took a class from Pam Dinnendorf of Aardvark Quilts and we did a quilt called Peels. I whipped out those strips and made my peels and fast and bad sewed them down on some beautiful chalky colored batiks.
The first go around. July 2010.
I believe I blogged about it here. Now to the confession. The colors were beautiful and the inspiration from Pam was wonderful. But the peels. Not so much.
The first layout. Notice bad points.
Bad points, funky sewing. You get the picture. You'd like to tell yourself, aw it won't show once it's quilted. Phooey. Yes it will. And forever it will look not be the quilt it wanted to be.
All sewn together. Looking nice if you bat your eyes.
Soooooo. I cut the quilt up. I cut each peel off of it's block, I trimmed them with a smaller template (and lost some of the size in the process) and then I used the "dew so interfacing trick". Dew so is a lightweight interfacing that you can use if you want to do applique known as the faced technique. And so for quite a number of hours, I "fixed them". Now my zillion peels are all ready to be reborn.
Reborn peels. April 2012
Sewn by hand. Only 15 more to go!
I finished my first one last night. Hand sewn on the background. I have a long way's to go, but in the end it will be a much better memory and a happier quilt! Has anything like this ever happened to you? Please share! xo Pam


  1. You're brave. But I know exactly what you mean! Yes, I've started over after hiding the bad quilt deep in my UFO basket. One was a large medallion linen quilt. Of course after I quilted the medallion did I decide I hated it. It sat in that basket for a year or more till I gathered the courage to rip it out. I bought a scalpel to do it. Boy was that a scary tool!
    Good luck this time around!

  2. Sometimes those projects are really good to donate to the Goodwill also...!!

  3. Haven't ripped out a quilt, but I sure have done that with knitting projects. Right now I have a pair of socks with a messed up pattern....waiting....... :(