Friday, June 8, 2012

Dreaming of a Vintage Summer

Morning Gals! My soon to be summer vacation is near. 3 more days of work and they won't see me until August 21st. WooHoo! Our little flower garden is happily blooming and it's such fun to see a package of seeds come to life. I tossed them out last fall and this is what is coming up.
my old fashioned hollyhocks are blooming

poppies still blooming and mullen to begin soon

first black eyed Susan!
 My first new summer quilting project is going to be from Tula Pink's book and it's called Fairy Tale Lane.

Miso Pretty inspects the birdies

and Teddy seems to approve!
 I totally loved her quilt and then I saw this gorgeous fabric by Anna Griffin and knew it would be perfect. The only place that seems to be carrying this Vintage Summer is Hancock's of Paducah.  

Newsflash Gals! You may find this lovely fabric at Morning Star Quilts locally! I added some prints they had to my pile of summer and added a few batiks to really make it all come together! Yay!

When I receive that nice fat quarterly in the mail, I scan each and every page for my favorites, don't you? I try to buy fabric as local as I can, but sometimes you just have to go for it. It's always a bit of a chance proposition to purchase fabric from a photograph the size of a 1 inch square and of course, you don't know how it feels across your fingers either. But I jumped in and I have to say, it's all good. My helpers Miso and Teddy agree.

I am hoping for a easy summer with lots of sewing, outside time in the early mornings, visiting and sewing with friends, and a couple wonderful trips.  I wish that for you, too! xo


  1. Beautiful fabric! It'll be a lovely quilt.
    I love the hollyhocks, definitely a vintage flower.

  2. Hollyhocks and poppies are my favorites! So nice to see them! Thanks!

  3. Your garden looks like a wonderful place to relax! Love the looks of your summer project.

  4. Happy Summer! It looks like you and Miso and Teddy are going to have a beautiful creative summer with the flowers and the fabric!!

  5. Yay, Summer! Sure wish it'd arrive here though; it has been 48 degrees here the last few mornings!

  6. I too love getting fabric in the mail. Sometimes you just can't find what you need locally though I do try that first. Getting it delivered though, just makes it even better.

  7. Hello Library Gal (sorry, do not know your name!) and thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. What a beautiful, colouful place your own blog is - looking forward to exploring further!

  8. I love hollyhocks but just cannot get any to go from seed to bloom!!! I have had knee high no-bloomers though. I will have to just break down and buy some older plants...yours are gorgeous!

  9. Our hollyhocks got a "bore" or something in them last year. My husband eradicated them to try to get rid of it. I miss them so much.