Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jean Wells 5 Color Solids Fun

My second class at Sisters lasted two days. I was lucky enough to get into Jean Wells Intuitive Color and Design and it was packed with talented gals. It was so fun to see which 5 colors people picked out from the table full of 5 1/2 inch strips. Mine above were dark burgundy, tangerine, light gray, a neon yellow green and red. After we chose our strips, she did let us pick one more color. I took white to bring some order to this group.  We had a lot of wonderful lecture and instruction at Jean's sewing machine. We made curves and little pieces to make into our 9 patch which was our goal. The thing I really liked about the class was that she took so much time to make it around the big group many times. Her pieces were so incredible you just wanted to laugh at your own, but she gives a lot of encouragement and shares so completely her techniques and lessons.

 We made little pin cushions with some of our practice curves units. I surrounded mine with periwinkle which I think looks great with almost everything! Here are some other color combinations from classmates.

I also had fun meeting up with Lori again this year. We had a chance to sneak over to her class on Liberated Baskets With Gwen Marston, and she also shared her Jubilee Quilt with me. Lori in true Humble Quilts fashion made her baskets with simple colors as a palette for her own home. I agree that is a super good idea. Lots of great things were going on in that classroom!

Stay tuned for another Sisters post soon. I want to show you lots of quilts from the Super Awesome Quilt Show Day. Stay cool gals!


  1. I really like how J. Wells' method leads to such original works; I am ordering her newest book. Thanks for the peek into your workshop...Julierose

  2. Wow, what a wonderful post. I love all the pictures of quilt goodness.

  3. I love seeing all your projects and blocks from class!! You caught on quickly to the "art" scene!!

  4. Bet you had a great time in Sisters, Pam. We were there once but not for the show. It's a fun place. Was it hot?

  5. Sisters looks like such fun.... gotta make it out there one day.