Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer's End Photo Post!

Well gals, it has been a very long time since I talked to you! When I got home from Sisters, I kind of went into a little spin and cleaned closets, drawers, craft cupboards, kitchen drawers, part of the garage (heaven forbid you can walk in there now!) and then poof! Another yearly vacation was upon us to Newport Beach. So, I'll just share a few photos now of all of these fun travels (not the clean cupboards, although I am quite proud of them *smiles*.

The little man visits the beach for the first time!

Our beautiful cabin at Camp Sherman for Sisters Week!

The girls and their guys. The guys don't look so ready for the photo! ha.

Goofy's Kitchen. Where Rafiki scared the c**p out of the little man!

My Liberated Basket on Quilt Day at Jen's Garden!!

My 99 Reds on Cascade Ave. in Sisters!

My morning with Gwen and Sue at the Sisters Coffee Company!

A Southern California Favorite of Mine! Flying Geese Fabric.

Clarence Hinkle. Look him up.  "the most famous artist you don't know about".

Ojai, California. Bart's Books for the afternoon.

Oakland Museum. This is a must if you live nearby!

And one last stop in Berkeley to squeeze our sweetie girl.

 I honestly didn't sew very much this summer. One birthday quilt to finish this weekend, and then back to work Tuesday. We are finally getting our interior repainted since the big remodel a couple years ago, so that probably means no sewing yet again. But I have been doing some cross stitch because it's portable and fun and it's Blackbird Designs who I absolutely love.  Looking forward to fall and winter when quilting seems to get more time. xo Pam


  1. Looks like a fun summer. Can't wait to see you! Lizzie

  2. What a fun filled summer! Great pictures. Love your red quilt at Sisters.
    Good luck finding time with your sewing, we all understand.

  3. Looks like you've had a great time this summer! I love that your quilt was hanging in Sisters. I've been there once, but unfortunately not during the quilt show. Loved the quilt shop there too! xo

  4. What a lovely summer recap!
    I saw your 99 reds in Sisters but not the basket quilt. It is beautiful!!

  5. I did a double take when I saw you were in Newport Bch. Missed the Bch. part the first time through; we were just in Newport also, but in OR. Oh well..... The beach wherever is great, isn't it?

  6. looks like a great summer with lots of good highlights!

  7. I live so close to the Oakland Museum and always say I should go, haven't been in years and it was my favorite museum. I really need to just GO. Looks like you had a fun summer! hope you day back to work is good. xo

  8. Met you in Sisters at the PMQG area...Glad to see you blogging as I enjoyed our conversation.

  9. Our strange neighbor adores cats and had them everywhere in her house. As if the dozen live cats were not enough, in every room in her house, she has framed prints, large and small, of the blessed animals.0
    She says that she orders her canvas prints, like this one by Franz Marc, from who delivers them. Perhaps they can take away a cat or two as well.