Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn Pillow

Pumpkin Pillow pattern by  Buttons and Bees
 Hello Gals, I have been having such a good time with wool this past week. I love the way my pillow turned out and so happy that I have a current project that is done in time for the upcoming Autumn holidays! I also made some cute pumpkins for my friend Debbie's birthday gift

Wool, Animal Print, and Flannel

Here we Go!
Looking forward to the cooler weather also because we are going to get a gas fireplace insert for our old and unused fireplace. I also did the unspeakable and painted the brick a couple weeks ago. My view on painted brick was always kind of that it was forbidden! Well I am so happy with the results and wish I had done it years ago! We used a product called Brick Anew. It was terrific!

Teddy enjoying the new look
Next up for projects for me are a baby quilt in linen and Cherry Christmas and a table runner in Little Black Dress. Hurry up weekend!


  1. Love the fireplace!! Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long to be brave and do things like that. I always regret I didn't do it years before! lol

    Love your fall creations!!

  2. Your pillow looks so darn cute!

  3. Your pillow is adorable! And the fireplace came out nicely! I haven't forgotten about our lunch/dinner, just need to get through this teaching assignment!

  4. Your pillow is great! And I love the painted fireplace. It looks terrific. I have always wanted to paint a brick wall white.