Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Peaceful Sewing

Hi Gals, I have had some time to sew this past couple weeks, and am looking forward to a fun sew day this coming weekend to keep the trend going!

Little Black Dress

Deb Tucker's Square 2
I love Basic Grey and I love the "Little Black Dress" line that was recently released by Moda. While I like the entire range, I knew that the light and mid tones were to be my playmates. I recently redid my living room paint and this lovely fabric just fits right in. I had alot of fun figuring out the setting and pattern as I just made it up. I am happy to say it worked out. I even had the fun of making little corner pinwheels and using the Deb Tucker ruler I was extremely happy with the my results. Those blocks have always kind of kicked my rear! So quilt top completed and on it's way to Jo at  Moon Bear for quilting!

I also had the opportunity to help my friend Tracey with a project she is doing for a dear friend of her's that is going through some difficult health times. It's a lovely project and was fun to use many different fabrics in the construction. She is calling this Scrappy Sprouts. I had some fun with some of the new Crabapple Hill Inkwell and many of my special little fabrics tucked away and now living in a scrappy blossom.
oh my, scrappy mess!

imagine, faith, health, marriage

Heather Ross bike, Michael Miller kitty
4 blocks for Chelsa
What we all need :)

Cinde's beautiful card
The last image here is a lovely hand painted card by a local artist I am really fond of, Cinde Nelson. She recently had a sale and I found lots of joy in the cards I bought. This sentiment seemed to embody everything Tracey is doing to uplift her friend, don't you agree?


  1. Lovely little blocks! Great colorways, too. My favorite designer is Robin Pandolph--sort of in-between old and new...lotsa pretty flowery prints....stay warm Julierose

  2. Nothing is better than books and quilts! Glad I found your blog! Your blocks are great - Love all the variety of fabrics in them.


  3. Thank you for sharing....Love this of my new favorites.... "Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a new flower" Lovely!!

    Love your blog!