Thursday, November 1, 2012

This and That

Hi there Gals. I have really enjoyed the last few weeks of Major League Baseball, and as a giant Giants fan, I have been watching a  lot of games! Thank goodness they won and I can get back to some other important things in life. I did manage to get a cute little baby quilt finished up this month. I used Cherry Christmas  by Aneela Hoey who I simple adore, and the wonderful Essex Linen. I confess I love that linen and have a few yards handy just in case. It washes really nice and adds a nice touch to quilts. This pattern was free from Generation Q magazine. I added a couple extra rows and put the leftover pieces on the back which is gray and white polka dot flannel. A perfect gift for a newborn's first Christmas! 

Cherry Christmas Baby Quilt
A little wool Halloween fun
 A little wool project made on a quick Saturday morning when the "real" cat woke me up way too early.

Three Amigos! Go Giants!
It has been one year since my dear Dad passed away. The girls spent the day with us Saturday to be close and supportive. They are so good to their Momma.

Enjoy November friends!


  1. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering what was going on.
    Love your latest quilt and I'm a big fan of linen too!!
    So nice of the girls to hang out with you- they look like good support.

  2. love to you friend...
    what a pretty family you have!
    and a happy little quilt and wooley project!

  3. Take care Pam! I haven't run into you in a while. There was a time I think we were following each other.

  4. Nice quilt! Like the Halloween project, too. Loved the cute family photo!