Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stormy Weather Beginnings

A Santa I made in 1987 !
Good Morning Gals, I see the sun peaking out from behind a massive "lake" in our front yard. The storms we have had the last two nights have been strong and filled with wind and noise. I spent yesterday inside and never ventured beyond the mailbox. I am happy to say that my to do list was whittled down to a happy size. First I brought out a few special Christmas things.
My four little paintings  from childhood days and 2 new friends and some new Pottery Barn mercury glass. I love that stuff!

Then I decided to pull out the Christmas cards I have been collecting for this year. And I addressed over 40 cards . That is a miracle for me. Usually I am scrabbling on the last week before it's even worth it to send them!

A Christmas quilt over the couch is such a good feeling. 

Teddy is ready for the holidays and so is his light up buddy. 

I even spent a few rainy hours working on my appliqué project. 

Enjoy your Sunday and hope your list is not too long! 


  1. It seems like the thing to do on a rainy weekend. I am trying to finish up with help from Dorian.
    I love the appliqué, is that MS's BOM?

  2. Love your appliqué project, great colors.

  3. I see you are in for another storm, crazy! My list was long but I made great headway this weekend. It's been all about customer and Sandy quilts, but tonight,I'm going to stitch a few hours for myself! Love your christmas decs, it's so fun to see other peoples treasures.

  4. So pretty! Teddy light up is a hoot!!
    The real one is adorable:) Be safe!

  5. Love those two snowy deer! That applique is very pretty. Is it the center of a quilt?