Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's on the Nightstand

It's been so nice to have  a lot of reading going on. Just like almost everyone, I love Downton Abbey and happened to be given this lovely book written by the Countess Fiona Carnarvon, who with her husband own Highclere Castle. Lady Almina who was the 5th Countess of Carnarvon, is the real life woman whom the character Cora is based. Love the use of the castle archives she drew from...diaries, photos. Just my thing!

Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey

 Wild by Cheryl Strayed is our book club selection this time. Wow. I don't think I could have done what this 22 year old accomplished; and with such utter honesty. I haven't been able to read it without projecting my own two daughters into her place. It is a great story, and she certainly deserves the honors she has received. Cheryl Strayed is also well known for Dear Sugar on the Rumpus. A very forthright advice column.  If you haven't check it out, you should.

She Matters, A Life in Friendship
 This is my newest book purchase, mostly because I love the idea that this young woman Susanna Sonnenberg has shared so many stories of friendships that it makes you want to write yours down too. The cover image makes me feel I am walking right behind their footsteps. I haven't been able to read more than one at a sitting. Tears, laughter and affirmation of feelings we all have felt throughout our lives with the women we hold dear.

Gifts for Italy
My dear friend, Lois Perkins is a talented fabulous artist who loves Italy. She has traveled there many times and gave me this lovely pile of inspiration to read and get ready to explore when we go on our trip in August/September of this year. If you haven't read The Sixteen Pleasures, I suggest you check that one out too. I am sure That Fine Italian Hand, Desiring Italy, and Beds and Blessings are also worth checking out.

Happy Reading! Ciao for Now!


  1. I read Lady Almina over Christmas. It is fascinating! I am now working my way thru the Quintin Jardine Scottish mysteries. FUN!

  2. I am just starting the Miss Read books!!! Love them!!

  3. i just finished Wild.
    ill need to check out her advice column!

  4. Fun post, Cheryl! I enjoyed Wild...can't imagine doing what she did though. What did you think of the DA finale?