Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Starts and Finishes

I got going on my Tula Pink blocks and added them to the City Sampler Blocks Sewalong If you make any blocks you really should share them! It is so interesting to see all the different ones that are being whipped up! I started with Block 1 and Called it "Learning to See". (Tula gives you a place to name the blocks yourself.)
Block 1 Ideas

 As you will see here, I had an idea and it kinda flopped. The "cross" just didn't show up.

Where is the cross? Missing!

Better with the green cross.

Block 2
 Block 3
I hope to do a few each week and see how many I get done this year. I am obsessed with the fabrics. I want more, I want more! Do I sound like that little girl in the ATT commercial? 
You bet I do!


  1. Finished the city skyline quilt in grays and plums. Beautiful. Already on someone's bed in Ft. Collins, CO.