Friday, May 24, 2013

Tula Pink Get Together for Memorial Day!

Neptune, Nest, Saltwater, Prince Charming, Parisville, Bird & Bees
 to name a few!
I am so excited to begin this new project! I have been collecting Tula Pink fabrics for awhile and just love the colors and imagery that she come up with and it never gets old looking at her designs.

 Truly a little bit crazy and sophisticated at the same time. Right? If you haven't read this interview about Tula, you really should. It sorts out some of her magical powers :)

I really love her new book, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. If you visit her Mom's website you'll find some starter packs of fabrics which is a fun way to get started on these blocks. By the way, can't wait for the new fabrics called Acacia.

A little bundle of everything and some Parisville!

 I think the block format is genius. A nice, closeup of the block as a photograph and then on the adjacent page a perfectly lovely drawing of the same block with a grid that tells you what to cut of each fabric to make the elements.

See the actual block and the mock up drawing. Brilliant!

I am going to use a lot of her tone on tone fabrics for my "solids" and also my collection of "Grunge" by Basic Grey. I might throw in some silks and other linens and such if the block can handle it. After all I think the whole concept is to "make it your own". Love that. Love Tula! Happy Weekend Gals!


  1. Love Tula's fabric, and I thank you for sharing the interview. Looking forward to seeing the progress of this quilt.

  2. How fun! I loved her when I went to her schoolhouse class at market!! I look forward to watching your progress on this quilt.