Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Step, Cut Your Ruler in Half. Make a 6 x 24 Folding Ruler!

Gals, I have been wanting to do this experiment for a long time. I know that we all Go Sewin' at one time or another either to a class or a retreat and we really want to bring our long rulers with us. The problem being that it just doesn't quite fit anywhere and you run the risk of having it break. So, I hope you'll enjoy this little project and give it a try.

Note added: you could try this first with an older or chipped ruler so you see how it turns out

First I purchased a brand new Creative Grids ruler. Made in the USA! And yes, before you ask, it does take about a 1/16 of an inch off the length when you do this to create a folding ruler. I personally think it's worth it.
Next, go to your neighborhood glass business and ask if they will cut it in half for you on their big cool saw. "Of Course" they said at Sierra Glass. Any charge? Nope. Not a penny. But I would have definitely been happy to have paid. I told the nice man that if this ends up working, a hoard of quilters might be descending on them. He smiled and said, "Oh we like quilters". Nice.

The Experts

So, being a Library Gal, I knew that Scotch Book Tape was a acid free and strong, clear tape that would hold my two ruler pieces back together. You can buy some at a local office supply store. I think packing tape might work but it won't be as strong. You could double it for sure.

The deed is done. Ruler is in two pieces!

The best tape ever
 So, turn your ruler pieces over so you are taping to the back side. Make sure you have everything lined up so your ruler's numbers are all in the right order when you are finished. (Smile Here.)

Flip your ruler piece over and lay on the tape
 I centered the tape over the place I wanted to join the ruler back together. I easily added the other side of the ruler butted up against the first piece and pressed the tape firmly down.
Tape on and ruler pieces together again

 Once you have your tape on the backside of the ruler, flip the whole thing over and trim the excess tape off of each side.

Here it is all folded up! 
Here's a view of the fold.

Folding 6x24 ruler! Woot!

And here is my "inspector" agreeing this is a pretty cool idea. Why, thank you Miso!

Fits in my tote to take to class
 Fits in my bag upright
Or crossways.
 Some times you just have to break the rules. Seemed like this was the time! Let me know how it goes if you try it or have any questions.


  1. Well aren't you the smarty pants in the group! Fabulous!

  2. Looks pretty slick to me. I love that bag too!! :)

  3. What a great idea! How cool is that? I love it. So practical...my kind of tool.

  4. Great idea, and a great tutorial. Love this idea, and think I just might try this one. The hardest part would be the first cut, but knowing it all works out, yea, I'll thy this. Thanks Pam

  5. Interesting! Not sure I'd be that brave. ;-)

  6. Wow! At our retreats, we've had more than one ruler break because it was long and snapped during the move! This is awesome!

  7. I love Creative Grids rulers too - the best - but although they might be made in the US I guess this is a license deal as the company is British. One of the owners of a small UK plastics company was a quilter and the rest is history!
    Cutting them up to transport to class is is a great idea, regards from one who was a librarian too before retiring.

  8. Hi Pam, I lost the email address you gave me that you said you use. Your profile is hooked up to the heymadre. Can you email me please?