Monday, June 24, 2013

Tula Pink With Matching Jam

Hello Gals! Wow the past couple of weeks have just sped by! I have had some good progress with my Tula Pink Blocks. Shown here with matching Raspberry Jam.

organic and sweet!

A pretty apricot block took shape and that very afternoon a big flat of apricots was a gift!

matching Apricot Jam!
 So ten blocks made and hoping to keep up the pace throughout the summer. These blocks are addicting! Such a fun way to play with fabric for a half hour or so at a time.

June is Birthday Month and Father's Day

 Our garden is in full sunflower bloom. The big bright blossoms always remind me of the year Carmen was born and the backyard was full of huge giant variety blossoms. She turned 24 this year and we are still growing them. Somethings stay the same.


  1. I love your blocks but really love the family photo! You looks great!

  2. A Beautiful and colorful post!