Sunday, August 4, 2013

Seventh Heaven at Sisters.

This was the 7th year I have taken classes and gone to the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show and it was truly one of the best for me! This year my friend Dorrie was my sewing buddy for the week and it was just a great ol time of talking and laughing and sewing. We managed to fit all of our "stuff" into her mini cooper and off we went!
Mr. Cooper
 That little car took us straight to the Stitchin Post! Good boy!

This year I took only two classes and from two of my favorite peeps. Tonye Phillips and Julie Herman. They are both delightful and excellent teachers.

 Wonderful to hear my named called aloud on the first morning I was there and look who it was! Dear Kathy from Material Obsession all the way from Australia. Her classes were full to the brim and although I didn't get in this time, I managed to visit her during the week and see the projects she taught this year. She inspires like no other in more ways than quilting :) Kathy was also the guest speaker at the picnic in the park. It was a lovely parade of quilts and she is an excellent speaker too.

On to the quilty day! It starts so very early and it is my favorite thing to get up early and get there while the firemen are still putting up the quilts on the Stitchin Post.

  Look at this quilt globe. Spectacular!

I entered 4 quilts this year. Here is Soul Searching on the Sister's Coffee Company porch. You can find the pattern in Kathy's book Making Quilts the Promise of Joy.

Here is Swoon. It sold in the first hour it was hung up for viewing. Sad to see it go. But happy to have it go where it's loved. I understand it now lives in Apple Valley, California.

 My Pam Kitty Morning Granny Squares were there too.

And my Peels quilt hung high up on the Alpaca Design Studio.

A fun sighting as we walked the quilts was this Red Center quilt. I did a double take because last year I entered mine that I took from Kathy Doughty in 2011. I got a little closer up on the tag and found that a three family members who saw my quilt last year decided to make the same one.  They each made 50 blocks for each other and here is one of them all done. Nice work ladies!
Red Centre aka 99 Reds  

Making the rounds at the teacher's tent I found some of my quilting movie stars. They inspire and are so generous with their talents. Love all of them!!  Here is Elizabeth Hartman with her fab quilt. Look at those Echino birds!
Elizabeth Hartman at the teacher's tent.
Then the gracious and talented Alissia let me drag her over to her quilt and take a photo. What a great gal she is! Dorrie took a class from her and loved it.

Here's Alissia Haight Carlton

Here's the fabulous Monica Happy Zombie and the adorable Violet Craft!

Then in the later afternoon we found the Portland Modern Quilt Guild alley and yay! Monica and Violet.
Give us some sugar gals!
 It was a fun day filled with so much you can't explain it. I seriously hope I can go until I am leaning on a walker. It means alot to me that week of nothing but quilts. It charges me up for the next year and connects me with the people I look to for what's new and fun. Thank you Jean and Valori Wells!
This sight never gets old. The Stitchin Post Staff quilts

 Bye for now Metolius River cabin. See you next time.


  1. Thanks for the tour. Again, I didn't make it there. I"ve been a few times in the past. What a great event. I'm curious, what did your quilt sell for and how big was it?

  2. thank you for the show and tell...i would love one day to make it out there! your quilts are all lovely. congratualtions on the sale!

  3. WOW! The Swoon quilt sold! I am not surprised because I know what went into that quilt!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.
    Next year!?! I just have to go!!!

  4. Congrats on the sale, Pam! One of these days I hope to get back to Sisters as it's a fun place.

  5. This is a great post. I travel vicariously thru you. Thanks. I had my ruler halved this week. What a good idea! Janie

  6. Always fun to see another person's view of Sisters Show week.
    I love Tonye and the project you did!!

  7. Fun pictures! Looks like fun times! Your quilts are gorgeous!