Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Post (Card) from Rome!

It is two days until Thanksgiving and I have been in a run around kind of mood all week. Food purchases, lists, and cleaning plus we have a big project going on in our driveway...my husband and his long time friend (like 50 years long time friend!) have been replacing a transmission in a subaru outback. Crazy. Who does that anymore? Well they do! So between keeping an eye on the old guys and feeding them, I have been putting off blogging which I really mean to do more often and think of it and read others...so that's my excuse!

Rome was amazing. I know it was way back in September, but I really want to show it off!

that way!
We saw all the highlights including the Vatican and St. Peter's Basicila, the Forum and the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon.
The remains of the Colosseum

night time at the Trevi Fountain

Ruins of ancient Roma

nice details at the Forum
Beautiful fruit stand where we bought grapes and plums!

obelisk at the front of our hotel piazza.

The Pantheon
All of them were incredible. We stayed at a perfect location at a very nice hotel The Minerva, right behind the Pantheon.
at the Vatican
We had a most incredible turn of events on the last full day we were there. After a morning of sight seeing at the Vatican, we went back to the hotel to regroup. My husband was off on an errand and came racing back to the hotel to tell me to hurry up that the POPE was around the corner in a neighborhood church and was going to make a casual appearance in a few minutes! We ran down those cobblestone paths and found our way to the small crowd that had gathered. They were so excited and were chanting "Papa Francesco" and clapping and cheering. And then it happened! There he was! And we were about 50 feet from him the whole time.
Pope Francis

Happy to see the crowd!

Notice the secret service!
It was a wonderful experience and made Rome a very special memory for us!

the view from the top of our hotel in Rome
Have a great holiday gal! And I hope to share some Christmas sewing before I take you to Orvieto and Sorrento and finish up my Italian vacation memories.  Eat lots of pie!  


  1. OMG Pam! Rome looks magnificent! I'm not catholic and seeing the Pope would be a big deal! How lucky you were.
    Good for hubby and bud for doing it themselves! :)

  2. Wow, wonderful to see pix of your Pope 'meeting' that you shared a few weeks ago. Love the photos, thank you, it is a busy time. Nice to take a break. Enjoy your Turkey Day and wishing you some sewing time!

  3. What a happy coincidence! Rome is amazing in person, isn't it?