Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last Post (card) of the year Sorrento!

From Orvieto we traveled by train to Naples. We were met at the Naples train station by a nice young guy who drove us on a quick tour of the region before settling us in Sorrento.
The Amalfi Coast
The ride was intense to say the least! I know you have heard it before but these drivers are insane. Vespas passing trucks and coming right at us and curves and people backing up to make turns. Mike said it was probably called the Mamma Mia highway for all the "mamma mia!!!" that probably were yelled out during travel on this road. We could see the lovely views of Capri from the vistas and we did stop in Amalfi for just a short time and I searched out the most lovely paper shop of all and made some quick purchases.

Coastal Amalfi

hand marbled paper journals
Finally arrived in Sorrento for the last 5 days of our trip and found we had been upgraded to a suite with a beautiful view of the Sorrento landscape and the Bay of Naples. 
View from our patio

Mount Vesuvius from our patio
The whole idea of Sorrento for us was to spend our 25th Anniversary relaxing by the ocean and that is exactly what we did. Sorrento was also hosting an incredible Salvador Dali exhibition that not only had a museum full of his works but the entire town had installations of Dali sculpture and it was just spectacular.

Sorrento is really a lovely place. Strolling, eating, shopping and relaxing is truly what it's about here. There were some unique types of craftsmanship too. Inlaid wood music boxes and every imaginable table top filled with exquisite designs. I spotted a display of porcelain known as campodimonte that is something I remember from my childhood.
so darling!
I guess you might know that Sorrento is popular for it's signature liquor "Limoncello". Yellow goodness!

It is served in small glasses and is perfect for taking life slow and sweetly in this dreamy yellow place. Lots of sunny spots to sit and dream and smile. No rush at all in this time zone!

I spotted a painting in a window full of antiques and I was so taken with her I asked my dear sweet husband if it could be my Christmas gift.
Theodoro and my painting!

He may have rolled his eyes but I could tell he liked it too and in we went. The shop owner "Theodoro" was very easy to get to know and we found that he and my husband shared the same birthday. I saw this as a perfect reason to purchase the painting! A little back story for why I loved her, I have a house full of paintings of women. Some other themes such as hands and landscapes and fruit for sure but the dominant theme is women. So there she was the old lady smiling and she was wearing sparkly earrings. Must Have. So the deal was made and Theodoro wrapped her in brown paper and she flew home with us. She was painted by Vincenzo Petrocelli a native of Naples and she now resides on our mantle and smiles at us each day as a reminder of Sorrento.

We had an amazing Italian vacation. I feel so lucky to have shared it with my sweet husband of 25 years.
I have a very sweet life, or as they say in Italy living la Dolce Vita!
Gelato and heart shaped cookies on the last evening! Ah!!


  1. Sorrento is going on my list! Beautiful pictures.....and I'm so glad you took that lovely lady home!

  2. Italy! Looks like a fabulous trip! Love your pictures, the Capri one especially in the tones of gray, and then all the sunshine in the other pics! Beautiful!

  3. Oh my goodness!! What don't I like about this post? nothing, except I've never been there!! What a fantastic place to spend your 25th anniversary and I adore the photo and especially Theodoro. How fantastic you have a wonderful painting from this beautiful city.