Friday, January 24, 2014

Tide Pools in January

Happy Friday, gals! This is a version of "Glorify" that I made for my daughter Carmen and her boyfriend. They have a darling little house in Berkeley where they have made their home a cozy and welcoming place. It is fun to see your children make things their own, right? And nice when they ask for a quilt just for them. Jo of MoonBearDesigns quilted it beautifully and I was able to give it to them right before we left for Italy. 
 I realized I never shared it here, sooo today we are flashing back to August!

Beautiful Quilting by Jo.
   The pattern is called Glorify by Aardvark Quilts and I have made it once before. It's a simple
quilt really but takes many different fabrics. Possibly more than 50!
Deep into the stash even to the Tula Pink!
  Carmen and Taylor picked out most of the fabrics from my stash when they visited in June, but I made some additions and Carmen picked out the inner border and the binding "because it looks like wet sand!" well, okay!

detail of corner
The amazing thing was we found the outer border fabric that I used for some of the setting squares (purchased years ago and found "in stash") when we visited her local quilt shop New Pieces in Berkeley. Like that EVER happens!  Meant to be! By the way, it is a wonderful store full of every kind of fabric. I highly recommend it!

 As we laid out the pieces she said "This is just like looking into a tide pool." So there you have it! Enjoy!

Sea Urchin
Tide Pool Quilt Finished!
the real deal!


  1. Nice! Fun to see tide pools, looks wonderful finished. Thank you :0) Great colors and fabrics, well done!

  2. Beautiful! Lucky gal to have such a talented mom.

  3. Love the quilt and it does look like tide pools. What great colors.

  4. It's a beautiful quit nd very lovely colors! You both did a great job!

  5. Such an effective quilt - the colours are beautiful, your daughter must be very happy with it :-)