Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Sewin for babies and gauchos!

I have been sewing along at various project since January. Not too blog worthy really, but I am always glad when I see things moving along! Here are some progress shots from recently.
hugs and kisses
Watercolor Roses   and  Aboriginal Peony Star progress

Some of the new Swoon

Chuck's House Sitting quilt

Clover and Jam in progress

Baby quilts just for fun

Starting up my Tula Blocks again

can't believe it's been since February 2nd since I opened this project!

Aprons for Carmen's Theatre Class

We will teach those Gauchos to sew!
I have been puttering around the house and yard and sewing room since the last day of work on June 16th.  My daughter Carmen wants to teach her students to sew next year. HMMM. She hasn't worked a sewing machine since 5th grade. I think I have been elected to do this task. Aprons seem like a good idea. I sent the logo to Spoonflower so we can make a pocket that is a logo. Stay tuned on this adventure!


  1. Fun looking projects.
    The apron project sounds like fun too. Can't wait to see your logo made on fabric. Great idea!

  2. Isn't Spoonflower great? I love all of your projects, especially hugs and kisses and the peony star! Do you do your own quilting?

  3. So many fun projects. The logo on an apron pocket is a great idea! Looking forward to seeing these.

  4. What great projects! Looking forward to seeing more Tula Pink blocks.