Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The New Kitten

No gals, I haven't the heart to get a real live kitten, although I would have one in a minute if Miso Pretty would allow it.
No such luck with this princess kitty.

 she is just ignoring the flat cat on the table
 Instead I made a "Flatty Cat" from a cute little pattern shown here. The cool thing is you use fusible grid to lay out your squares, then sew them row by row and you end up with a piece of perfectly made kitten fur. Eww. That sounds bad. Truly, it's just cute little squares. I used Quiltsmart and the directions on their page make it all so easy to create a fun little softie.

super fun super easy
Flatty Cats pattern

fused down. See Aneela Hoey's little Petal fabric?

front and back Flat Cats

This cat doesn't seem to mind the new kitty

Front of Flatty

Backside of Flatty

I sent Flatty off to camp to my daughter Carmen who has been attending Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp since she was a 7th grader. She is now the head gal counselor for 2 glorious weeks a year in the Sierra. I am sure this little creature will take in all the glory that is camping under the stars. Happy Summer!


  1. I love your Flatty Cat. Too cute and looks easy to make. Your fabric choice is perfect for a little gray kitty. :-D

  2. She's a cutie!
    If Miso Pretty ever lets another kitty in the house, I know where you can get one or two!

  3. Adorable! She must be easy to feed also! Are you getting excited for your trip?