Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Fall Post and a Wee bit of Scotland

Dearest Gals, I have finally gotten ahead of my busy life to post a little bit of how my summer went. Lots of sewing projects, sew dates with friends, along with family weddings, and a big vacation to Scotland and Ireland! I didn't really document my self this summer as well as I would have like to. Sometimes it just happens and as I read along on your blogs, I am glad to see that mostly things have been good for you all.

Here's a look at one of the darling quilt shops I visited in Edinburgh, My Bearpaw.
A John Ruskin quote in cloth

super adorable stitching
familiar fabrics 
Jane of My Bearpaw
super fun quilt class
Bearpaw Classes
 Scotland. It was tucked into a neighborhood and took us about 30 minutes walking in the rain but we found it! Lovely Jane greeted us and it felt like I could just sit down and get to sewing. The quilt behind Jane is from last year and each person that participated in each individual block, used it as their "ticket" to enter the modern quilt retreat. Great idea and so many different approaches. Check them out!!

I am back at work and after 4 months off it is a bit of a shock. I find I love puttering around in the mornings at home and gardening and making a really good dinner. All of that kind of goes away when the focus is on clean hair, nice clothes and 8:30 a.m. The good hours of creativity and peace and quiet just don't happen for me after dinner time. Chime in here with how good retirement is and I may put that paperwork in sooner than next May!

I have alot of on-going projects, but this one is wanting me to order out for dinner and take a nap. That would be a Catnap, as this darling fabric is by Lizzie House and named the same. The pattern is Meow by Aneela Hoey. I pet this fabric each morning and one day soon I'll call in well and get it started. I think between Lizzie and Aneela it will be one of my favorite quilts ever.

My fall project awaits me!

All matched up and ready to go!
That being said, Pacific International is next week! It is such a huge and vibrant show and for the first time in 5 years I am going. So I can imagine some creative energy will come back with me. If you are still reading thank you! I miss by bloggy friends and hope I can keep up a bit more this fall. xoxo Pam


  1. I've been wondering how your trip went! We just got back from 2 weeks in Europe and had a fabulous time. There are a few photos on my blog with more to come, once I get caught up. Welcome back!

  2. I hope you are inspired at the show to take a few minutes to sew when you can! Your summer sounds wonderful!

  3. Scotland and Ireland this year! Wonderful! And how fun to get to see the local quilting while you were there! Your kitty quilt will be adorable! I'm off to check your links! I have been a lazy blogger - and not been around much!