Thursday, February 19, 2015

Save the Date

Gals, it has been a love feast around our house. Our daughter is getting married later this year and it made her birthday and Valentine's Day even more special when thoughts of love and sweethearts came around this year.

I had fun designing this with WeddingPaperDivas

I love this fabric so much Pom Pom de Paris by French General and I only used little bits but it was so fun to fussy cut.

Hello Romeo

  I have made one of these cute heart appliques before but gave it away.
This year I made one to keep at our house and to celebrate Paloma's engagement. I finished the binding on Friday the 13th. Nothing like last minute details!

Hurry Up!

Mini Hearts and my Tonye Phillips mini baskets too
I am stacking up new projects like a squirrel in winter. I have some sewing to do for the wedding (let's say 25 table squares to start with...oh!)

 I just joined Homestead Hearth's Stonefield's Block of the Month.

  Designed by Susan Smith it is a lovely quilt and the simple shapes with so much joy to them really make me happy. Here is a photo of the designer giving a workshop in the Netherlands.

Susan Smith 

Please take a look at cazwa.blogspot.com for more on this special lady. You can also check instagram #stonefields for many other already in progress quilts. I may be a bit late to the craze but I am excited to get started.

Have a good rest of the month everyone!


  1. I wash so excited to see "P's" announcement posted here!!! And your minis are ADORABLE!

  2. Fun! I see a wedding quilt in your future! Love those hearts

  3. I too am a librarian who loves to quilt and read books. I am working on a hand turn appliqué heart quilt. I enjoy your blog and am happy I stumbled upon it.

  4. Congratulations!
    and gorgeous quilt! Wow, love everything about it. Yea

  5. Such a pretty heart quilt and basket quilt. Love the fabrics.