Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Offically Discarded!

Library peeps will know the term Officially Discarded as the absolute last bit of effort that goes into a worn out or weeded out title. 

They were replacing the old wooden signs. So this one came home with me!
The Chico State Administration Logo Today Decides Tomorrow!
Sad sometimes. Necessary for sure when information has changed or the book is replaced with a new edition. Kinda like me right now...I have officially retired from my job in Special Collections at CSU Chico. It's quite the leap after 35 years!  I estimate that I have cataloged about 20,000 photographs. Holy Moly.  I have worked about 70 semesters in school years and while I have gotten older, the main population stays the same age...from about 18-30 with a few exceptions. It's an interesting concept. It definitely keeps you young.  I will miss the searching for clues and helping students and researchers find that special information they need. I imagine I will find a way to continue that with volunteer work eventually. Eventually. For now I am sewing and reading and gardening and walking and all those things that the hours of work took up. Wonderful. Really wonderful and kind of magical. Today I didn't even know what day it was. Bliss.

In crafty sewing news, it  has been a super fun 2 months! I have had some great quilting fun including a wonderful class with Sue Spargo right here in Chico!
basic start with paper shapes

Getting the hang of it and filling in the flowers
Sue was just so encouraging and our class was filled with great women and their imaginative wool projects.

Right after that in mid April Dorrie and I headed north to Sisters to take a class with Violet Craft at the Stitchin Post. and professional. Every single aspect of the class was so thoughtful.

Violet in Violet

Forest Abstractions
Jean Wells introducing Violet
Smiling Gals

Violet Craft was an enthusiastic instructor and it was important to her that everyone was tended to and made to feel comfortable. Awesome. Really Special.  We were starting our Forest Abstractions quilts and it will be amazing once we finish. It takes time to paper piece but it is so satisfying. I loved hearing all about fabric design and Violet's journey with the industry. Michael Miller Fabrics seem like a great company and they appreciate her vision. Win-Win!!

So for now, I am choosing my projects and activities rather randomly. It's a good feeling to learn to relax...And like the song so perfectly says, "The rest is still unwritten" !

Just about to fly away after a lovely farewell party


  1. As a retired librarian, I am like you. Gardening, quilting, knitting and sometimes I do nothing but read a book. I retired 5 years ago and I still miss some of the customers. I do see them at the grocery etc. I miss seeing all the new books as they come in. Enjoy yourself.

  2. I always love seeing what you are up to!!

  3. Librarians are the best! Can't imagine a world without them. But I can imagine you enjoying a fabulous retirement! Congratulations. Love that you kept the old wood sign. Cheers!

  4. Congrats on your retirement! Now you'll have time to stitch whenever you please. I see lots of quilts in your future!