Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hello Gals!

It has been an instagram summer! I have had many computer mishaps and I am just now getting things back in order. So, if you are still following along many things are in the making and doing here on Meadow Road.

I retired from the Library after 37 years!
I retired in April and this fall has been filled with wedding plans for my dear older daughter Paloma so I haven't missed it as much as I probably would have. I loved my job. It was very interesting and all the students made it very vibrant and young. Frustrating at times but hey, that's life on a university campus.

It was a wonderful life there and I appreciate that I was entrusted with all those fragile documents, photographs and souls. Yep, souls. You are a mother of sorts to all of those 17-25 year olds that come through your doors and I don't think I had but one in all those years that was a problem. I believe in young people. There are so many good ones. Hey, I was one of them once!

We had a fun and sweet shower for Lulu in late June and it was so nice to see all of her good childhood friends gathered again in our house celebrating LOVE! Woohoo! All of these young ladies are still in touch with my daughter and I think that is the best gift of all. 

Shower Decorations!

 In sewing there has been alot going on wedding wise and otherwise. I have made all the centerpieces from Kaffe fabrics and all the ties from various quilt shop fabrics...voiles and cottons.

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these fabrics!

And Deakin with his new pup Rudy

Currently making a Modern Maples!

I have made some shop samples for Honey Run Quilters which is fun and challenging. When you are used to "work" this is as close as I plan on coming to it for some time, but it is a help in transition to the retired universe.

Garden Roses from Summer on Meadow Road!

 So for now until I can figure out this computer conundrum this is all I can share. It is going to take getting a new system and that will have to wait until after the big day!  Love, Pam


  1. Enjoy the Big Day! Love your 'new' job! ;0) Hugs

  2. Great to catch u[. No wonder you've not been posting. Have a wonderful wedding!!!